Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I haven't posted to this blog since State made the College World Series on June 11, 2007.

Since that day, State:

1. Made it to a bowl game
2. Had an 8 win football season
3. Made it to the second round of the NCAA basketball tournament
4. Fired their longtime AD Larry Templeton (wahoo!!)
5. Hired Greg "where have you been all my life" Byrne
5. Fired their legendary baseball coach Ron Polk
6. Hired John "the savior" Cohen
7. Suffered through another dismal football season
8. Hired new president Mark "why didn't we hire him last time" Keenum

That's a lot of activity in 18 months. Why then, did I choose now to come back? Quite frankly, it's a slow day at work. One of the first in the past two years.

That, and I hate Ole Miss. I hope we beat their ass on Friday.

In that spirit - Sad Dawg has a string of great stories about the Egg Bowl on his blog this week. Maybe Sad and his stories (or pictures) inspired me.

Whatever...I'm back.

Go to hell, Ole Miss!

Seriously. I hate those stupid bastards.


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