Monday, January 22, 2007

ACC-SEC Rankings?

This is an interesting idea, executed very poorly.

Randy Beard of the Tallahasee Democrat has compiled a combined ranking of the SEC and ACC.

This guy Beard, obviously not an intelligent basketball mind, has State ranked 20th of the 24 schools (as of January 20)?!?!?! Below such bombshell teams as NC State, Auburn, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida State, and Virginia Tech.

Now, if you want to debate, you can probably toss Florida State and Virginia Tech out there and maybe even Arkansas. But, NC State?!?! In my best Bill Walton voice, "They're horrible!!!!!!"

Obviously, State beat Auburn since the publication of this column. Virginia is streaky, but I like my chances on a neutral court, as I would against Vandy, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida State and Virginia Tech. 20th?!?!

I think we should be somewhere around 14 in this poll at this date. Sitting firmly on the bubble of teams that makes the NCAAs from these two conferences.

I predicted a NCAA birth earlier this year and as tempted as I am to back away from that prediction, I'm still holding on. Alabama has not impressed and LSU is spiraling right now. State has already taken care of UM and Auburn and I'm really not intimidated by Arkansas. Plus, after Wednesday we'll be done with the big three from the other side.

In other words, I still like my chances.


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