Thursday, February 01, 2007


To completely, utterly, and unapologetically, steal SNL's "Really?" idea from their "Newsdesk" Vick story....

What's up with Chuck?

"If I get the ball, these are the results you're going to get," Rhodes said Tuesday night after a 24-point, seven-rebound performance in MSU's 85-73 loss to Ole Miss.


If you get the ball, Chuck, then the team is going to get spanked by an inferior opponent? Really?!?!?!

"They were just looking for me more, because if I get the ball more I'll do what I need to do," Rhodes said.


And what's that, Chuck? You'll launch threes at the worst possible times? Take fade away jumpers, instead of driving to the hoop and drawing fouls? Fail to block out and grab key rebounds? Play skeleton like defense? Really?!?!?!

Or, are you saying that if you get the ball you won't pout like a third grader at recess who isn't getting enough touches from the playground ballhog?

I really am not a fan of calling out college players. But damn. The "me first" attitude is killing this team.

And to the Clarion Ledger Headline Writers..."Rhodes Sparkles?" Really?!?! Sparkles?!?! C'mon.....


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