Tuesday, March 27, 2007

State-WV 2nd Half Diary

Simmons style running diary...second half of State-WV NIT game.

Seven point run to start the second half...better get a timeout WV, and they do.

Gordon with two assists and two points in the first two minutes of the 2nd half. Very nice.

Anybody else hoping that Gordon doesn't play too well the next two games?

I thought so.

Right about now, I'm wanting a rematch with Clemson. Wait...that's some kind of jinx.

Up 11...18 to play.

Just got a text message from a State bud..."gordan sure has improved this year." Yeah, ya think.

Not doing well on the boards....reminds me of the UNC game this past Sunday.

Damn Slater has an ugly shot...but it's so pretty when it falls...14 point lead with 15:32 to play.

Wow...good thing ESPN put our game on the Duece. That UT-UM chick game is a real barnburner. UT is up 30 in the second half.

Looks like we only practiced against a 1-3-1 this week. Not handling the man well.

We've done really well with the pick and roll the last few games. In the past we've had problems getting the ball to the roller, we're executing that much better now.

Love how we push the ball now...we could be crazy exciting next year.

Who are we all going to cuss next year when Slater is gone? I even asked the Pack. No good answers.

Lucky bounce and WV cuts it to 7 with 10:00 to play.

Gordon is strong. Fought through a crazy double team (probably got away with a foul)...two passes and a big Delk dunk.

And it's down to four with 8:50. Shit.

Sonuvabitch. Cousins cut it to one with 8:00 to play. Great answer by Slater.

Need another Sierra Nevada. Fight song bottle openers never get old.

Meanwhile, on the Pack...the denizens are losing it. Meltdown in 5, 4, 3, 2....

Rhodes just dunked for WV...'08 whipping boy he will be...unless of course he declares for the draft. Ha. Just kidding Chuck, you know we want you to stay!

A little defense would be nice. Up 2 with 5:30.

Rhodes jacked a three. Damn. I thought he was done with that shit. I take it back...declare, declare!!

Nice touch by Chuck. Okay, you can stay. Up 4.

Another highlight for Jamont on the reverse layup. Up 6. And Jamont is a spit away from a double-double...again.

Have I told you how much I hate the cousins, yet? Too much time hanging out with my VT alum brother at Lane Stadium. WV fans are obnoxious like no others. Well, no others, except the damn cajuns.

Home stretch...up 3 with 3 to play...c'mon State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slater jacks another three and of course, misses. Damn it.

WV ball...State up 3. This is going to be a long three minutes.

Just heard a cowbell. Cowbells in MSG. Nice. Followed by a little Maroon-White. Excellent.

Damn it. Rhodes needs to be much more aggressive on the boards. What a terrible call on the three point foul. That's ridiculous.

Down 1...1 to go. Stewart with the big bucket. Up 1...40 secs to go.

Timeout cousins.

Get an f'n rebound!!! And Gordon finally pulls one done after the cousins got three chances.

Shooting one and one.

Makes the first.

And the second.......miss.

Cousins for the win.....open three...misses.............

Cousin ball on the baseline...down two...two seconds left.

Here we go....for three...hit it. Shit.

Only at State. Only at State.

Officials to the table to review. And the replay. Off in plenty of time. Right in Gordon's grill.

F'in cousins.


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